In response to the destruction caused by the June 22 tornado that ripped though our neighboring Michigan community of Portland, members of our Community Engagement Ministry made an immediate $2,000 gift to support relief efforts there and called for a special collection to gathered.

A gift of $500 has been made to three churches severely damaged by the tornado (Portland’s First Baptist Church, First Congregational Church and United Methodist Church) as well as another $500 gift for the Portland Community Fund ($2,000 total) on behalf of The Peoples Church.

Members of The Peoples Church may make individual online gifts to support their Portland neighbors (GIVE NOW) or drop a check in the Sunday offering and indicate “Portland Tornado Relief” in the memo line. 

If you would like to learn more about the Community Engagment Ministry, contact chairperson Mimi Burpee at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




Each Lent, worshippers at The Peoples Church are invited to read, reflect and pray together through a book of portion of the Bible. In 2013, we journeyed through Exodus. In 2014, we focuses on the Gospel according to John. This year, you are invited to focus on the book of Genesis.

The incredible stories of this first book of the Bible are rooted in notions of rebellion and forgiveness, suffering and redemption, and fear and comfort. Each week at Wednesday Night Live!, the passages from Genesis will be explored and discussed at 6:30 p.m. in the Robertson Room.

You also are invited to be part of the daily conversation and reflection online on our Facebook page on Twitter @Connect2TPC #TPCgenesis.


Reading Calendar

Feb. 18 – Ash WednesdayGenesis 1-2
Feb. 19 – Genesis 3
Feb. 20 – Genesis 4
Feb. 21 – Genesis 5

Feb. 22 – Genesis 6
Feb. 23 – Genesis 7
Feb. 24 – Genesis 8
Feb. 25 – Genesis 9
Feb. 26 – Genesis 10
Feb. 27 – Genesis 11
Feb. 28 – Genesis 12

Mar. 1 – Genesis 13
Mar. 2 – Genesis 14
Mar. 3 – Genesis 15
Mar. 4 – Genesis 16
Mar. 5 – Genesis 17
Mar. 6 – Genesis 18
Mar. 7 – Genesis 19
Mar. 8 – Genesis 20

Mar. 9 – Genesis 21
Mar. 10 – Genesis 22
Mar. 11 – Genesis 23
Mar. 12 – Genesis 24
Mar. 13 – Genesis 25
Mar. 14 – Genesis 26

Mar. 15 – Genesis 27
Mar. 16 – Genesis 28
Mar. 17 – Genesis 29
Mar. 18 – Genesis 30
Mar. 19 – Genesis 31
Mar. 20 – Genesis 32
Mar. 21 – Genesis 33

Mar. 22 – Genesis 34
Mar. 23 – Genesis 35
Mar. 24 – Genesis 36
Mar. 25 – Genesis 37
Mar. 26 – Genesis 38
Mar. 27 – Genesis 39
Mar. 28 – Genesis 40

Mar. 29 – Palm SundayGenesis 41
Mar. 30 – Genesis 42
Mar. 31 – Genesis 43
Apr. 1 – Genesis 44
Apr. 2 – Maundy ThursdayGenesis 45
Apr. 3 – Good FridayGenesis 46 - 50
Apr. 4 – No Reading

Apr. 5 - Easter SundayGenesis 1-2


Pastor Drew's Peoples Pedal is a fun ride around the beautiful MSU campus and the surrounding area. On October 5th directly following our 10:30 a.m. worship service, riders will gather on the north side of the building. There are routes for people of all ages and abilities, the 5K (3 mile) route is a simple ride from The Peoples Church to the MSU Dairy Store and back. The 20K (12 miles)  and 40k (25 miles) routes will go through the MSU campus, picturesque farm land and finish up by going past the MSU Dairy Store.

Helmets are required. Children 13 and younger must be accompanied by an adult.








Hospitality Coordinator 

A. Primary Function

The Hospitality Coordinator is responsible for all the catering needs involving the use of the kitchen, and coordinating the shared use by approved church groups. This position reports directly to the Senior Pastor.

B. Duties and Responsibilities

1) Coordinate services for events, facilities, catering, and special needs requirements for hospitality.

2) Monitor church compliance with health, safety, and fire regulations regarding food preparation and service in coordination with the facility director.

3) Prepare and serve, or coordinate catering, for appropriate, safe, healthy food options at events in the building.

4) Purchase all food and related items for church use.

5) Schedule all food, beverage, and service deliveries, checking products for quality and quantity.

6) Evaluate inventory of food in storage area and rotate inventory to maintain freshness.

7) Maintain a food safety certification from a program approved by the Ingham County Health Department and implement a high level of sanitation standards for kitchen(s) and preparation area(s).

8) Coordinate billing for services offer to outside groups for preparing and serving meals by submitting receipts and invoices for payment on charge accounts to the Financial Administrator in a timely manner.

9) Secure volunteers to prepare and serve food and keep an accurate list of volunteers. This position is part time, with a guaranteed number of hours in addition to hours as needed for church related hospitality events (receptions, gatherings, open houses, etc.). The position will be held open until a candidate is identified.

For more information, or to apply for this position, contact  the Rev. Andrew Pomerville, senior pastor, at The Peoples Church of East Lansing, 200 W. Grand River Ave., East Lansing, MI 48823, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.