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Dear Peoples Church Family,

With humble gratitude, we thank you for your outstanding gifts of time, talent, financial resources, service, faithful attendance and prayers for our church, staff and programs. Your contributions have made our church family a dynamic community, one in which we all can grow in our faith and understanding of what the Lord calls us to be in this world. Thanks to your faithful giving, we met our 2016 budget. In addition to this good news, we replaced our aged boiler with an efficient system that will reduce utility costs.

Thank you so very much for your additional pledges to this important capital campaign. The continued honoring of pledges made over a multi-year basis will allow the Finance Ministry to pay for the boiler system without incurring a loan. This is outstanding news for our congregation! We are so very appreciative of your support for the needs within our church building. The Peoples Church is indeed a pillar in the community and our building is actively used seven days a week by dozens of programs, classes, projects and groups from inside and outside of the congregation.

This letter is written to request your continued personal and financial support as we enter into 2017. We are confident in our faith that each of you will help the church meet its 2017 budget as proposed by the Council of Elders.
ONE faith, ONE hope, ONE family in Christ is our theme for the year. No matter what occurs in the world around us, we are called to be faithful members of our community locally, nationally and abroad through service, mission and ministry. We are leaders in service locally through programs around the Greater Lansing Area, including our ongoing partnership with Edgewood Village, nationally in partnership with Re-Member in South Dakota, and internationally, where we support missionaries in four countries and engage in partnerships from Peru to Uganda. Our youth, college and adult groups have traveled on missions to these partnership organizations.

As we grow as a church community, with attendance up 10 percent since 2010, we continue to have needs within our building. Just as previous generations provided our physical structure, may we ensure the legacy for future generations. The Building & Grounds Ministry has done an outstanding job through the past several years with infrastructure improvements related to safety, greening of the building, increased efficiency, and with wonderful restroom renovations. Thanks to several legacy gifts and diligent budgeting, the next major renovation is planned for the Snider Social Hall. This update will provide a comfortable, beautiful space for activities such as Wednesday Night Live!, receptions, conferences and community programs. This renovation should be completed in several stages without need for an additional capital campaign.

The annual operating budget for the church is proposed by the Council of Elders and approved by the congregation. Pledges from our members and affiliates are the key component to meeting the budget. These pledges assure that programs planned by the various ministries are vital throughout the year. We invite you to prayerfully make your 2017 pledge. Join us as ONE faith, ONE hope, ONE family in Christ. We appreciate your support and look forward to all the exciting possibilities in the year ahead.

With love in Christ,

Crystal & Jack Branta
Co-Chairs, Annual Campaign 2017




Are you planning your wedding day? Come and explore the beautiful sanctuary or intimate chapel and imagine exchanging your vows within the sacred space of our historic church. We would be happy to help you prepare for and celebrate this most important day - the beginning of your married life together!

A current Peoples Church pastor must preside at the wedding ceremony and will assist in planning the service. Our ministers will help you to create a ceremony that reflects your individual backgrounds and families being blended together, while keeping with the faith tradition of The Peoples Church. If you would like to invite other officiants to assist with the ceremony, the wedding coordinator and presiding pastor would be happy to discuss this with you.

Weddings held in the sanctuary can seat up to 500 on the main floor. Intimate weddings in the McCune Chapel can comfortably seat 50. For complete information or to inquire about a wedding date, please contact our Wedding Coordinator, Dee Przybylski, in the church office at 517.332.5073 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Download our wedding brochure

The Sacrament of Baptism

Thank you for your interest in baptism at the The Peoples Church. We welcome your inquiry and encourage you to meet with a pastor to discuss the service so that you might fully understand the significance of the sacrament and so that you feel free to discuss any matters in connection with the service.

Both children and adults are welcome for baptism here as appropriate, although anyone who has been baptized in infancy or childhood may not be offered a subsequent adult baptism. Except in very special circumstances, baptisms are held during one of our worship services at the church.

There is no 'correct' age for baptism - much depends on the circumstances in each case. The baptism of a child or infant is intended to signify God's love of the child, and express the parents' undertaking that the child will have a Christian upbringing which will normally lead to membership in the church when the child reaches the age at which this is appropriate to his/her Christian development. The baptism of an adult is normally associated with commitment to the Christian faith and is usually part of the process of becoming a member of the church, and of taking one's place in the life of the church. Many adults will find the opportunity for baptism arising - if they were not baptized earlier - during church membership meetings as the person prepares to take the vows of church membership. It may also take place at other times as appropriate, but baptism should never be thought of as outside the context of membership in Christ's church.

For more information about baptism at The Peoples Church, contact the Rev. Andrew Pomerville, Senior Pastor,  at 517.908.4442 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Whether you are young or old, rich or poor, doubtful or hopeful … no matter where you are in your faith journey, YOU are welcome here. Participation in a faith community is both personal and communal, formal and informal, intimate and casual. Here at The Peoples Church, we recognize that people come to worship God in both joy and pain, faith and doubt, with laughterand with tears. Our worship tries to reflect a desire both for meditation and celebration. Please know you are invited to participate in any and all ways you feel led. Our songs, prayers, words and actions are the works of imperfect people trying to worship a perfect God.