Based in Nature

Peoples Church Preschool has embraced a nature-based philosophy and desires to connect children with the natural world whenever possible. This influences our curriculum and daily schedules, including the materials and activities available in our Outdoor Classroom. Children also have the opportunity to explore Valley Court Park nearby.

(More information on how this impacts our preschool programming and curriculum coming soon!)

JK Outside Photo

Earth Friendly

  • Peoples Church Preschool participates in the TerraCycle system, which supports many earth friendly goals - including recycling, sustainability, and upcycling.
  • Peoples Church Preschool earns 1 cent per wrapper mailed to the program. The school also donates credits twice a year to have trees planted in an American forest through the through Arbor Day Foundation.
  • See the FunRaising page for a list of upcycling items.



Touring the Preschool

If you would like to set up a visit of our program, please call the Preschool Office at (517) 332-2885 (or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ). 



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NAEYC Accreditation

Learn more about the importance of NAEYC accreditation in this brief video.