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It is my honor and privilege to serve as Associate Pastor here at The Peoples Church. I am excited about leading our Christian Education efforts - from littlest ones to the most senior and everyone in between. During my time as a pastor, I have found it most rewarding to help others learn about and apply the Bible to their own lives. My hope and dream is that we can continue to nurture an environment where faith, spirituality and the Bible can be discussed with openness and honestly.

I am immensely proud to be part of a welcoming worshiping community that values relationships with MSU and Lansing area communities, as well as relationships with organizations across the country and the globe. We have so much to offer each other! I believe our congregation appeals to students and the wider community because we are a church that values honest discussion about our faith and our doubts as we strive to respond to the ways God is calling us to worship, live and work in the world. All are welcome on the journey.


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Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Morning Only

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Monday - Friday: 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
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Phone: (517) 332-2885
Website: PeoplesChurchPreschool.com

Rev. Drew Filkins Associate Pastor dfilkins@thepeopleschurch.com ext. 4448
Rev. Betsy Aho Associate Pastor eaho@thepeopleschurch.com ext. 6074
Joe Kennedy Youth Director jkennedy@thepeopleschurch.com ext. 6264
Julie Bills Children's Christian Education Director jbills@thepeopleschurch.com ext. 4447
Judy Kabodian Musician in Residence office@thepeopleschurch.com  
Elizabeth Reed Children's Music Director office@thepeopleschurch.com  
Dr. Jonathan Reed Music Director office@thepeopleschurch.com  
Andy Mayville Facility Director amayville@thepeopleschurch.com ext. 4444
Gerri Lynn Nichols Hospitality Coordinator gnichols@thepeopleschurch.com ext. 4432
Dee Przybylski Office Administrator / Wedding Coordinator dprzybylski@thepeopleschurch.com ext. 4446
Dana Johnson Preschool Director djohnson@thepeopleschurch.com ext. 4449
Lindsey Bramlet  Office Administrator lbramlet@thepeopleschurch.com    ext. 4450

Council of Elders

The Council of Elders is the governing body of The Peoples Church. It is made up of 17 representatives elected from the active membership to serve three-year terms. It is responsible for the spiritual, financial, physical and overall welfare of the church and assists the pastors in administering the sacraments or ordinances.

The Council of Elders meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Robertson Room. All members of The Peoples Church community are welcome to attend; or contact the chair or another elder prior to a monthly meeting to be included as part of an evening's agenda

Jennifer Nagel *2019 Council of Elders Chairperson msjenniferbattle@gmail.com 
Thad Morgan *2018 Clerk tmorgan@fraserlawfirm.com 
Gary Dawson *2019 Treasurer, Finance Ministry   garyd826@gmail.com 
Paul Babbitt *2018 Welcome Ministry paulbabbitt47@gmail.com 
Wayne Budde *2018 Personnel Ministry wsbudde@yahoo.com 
Alan Canady *2018 Personnel Ministry acanady2001@yahoo.com
Ben Eysselinck *2018 Building & Grounds Ministry ben@eysselinck.com 
Dot VanLooy *2018 Christian Education Ministry Chairperson dotvan@att.net
Jodi Cook *2019 Community Engagement Ministry Chairperson jodi.dancer98@yahoo.com 
Beth Lundy *2019 Worship Ministry lundybb@comcast.net
Lew Worthington *2019 Worship Ministry Chairperson lworthin@gmail.com
Barbara Scott *2019 Community Engagement Ministry 517.899.5603 
Bob Cantrell *2020 Finance Ministry rlcgogreen@aol.com
Stacy Gronowski *2020 Campus Ministry Chairperson stacyruthig@hotmail.com 
Clark McCreedy *2020 Community Engagement Ministry smallhousebiggarden@yahoo.com
Rob Privette *2020 Building & Grounds Ministry Chairperson rmpagain@yahoo.com
Diane Shafer *2020 Welcome Ministry Chairperson dmshafer2001@gmail.com 
Rev. Drew Filkins Associate Pastor dfilkins@thepeopleschurch.com 
Rev. Betsy Aho Associate Pastor eaho@thepeopleschurch.com 
Wes Reedy Personnel Committee Chairperson reedywes@gmail.com 
Cindy Carson Past President, Women of Peoples Church cindyjcarson14@att.net 

This list reflects the Council of Elders membership for the session beginning Jan. 1, 2017.

*Notes each member's term-ending date as of Dec. 31.